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More products will be available soon. Thank you for your support.
More products will be available soon. Thank you for your support.


ENGINEER Screw Removal Pliers- RX PZ-59

 8-inch Heavy duty Screw Extracting Tool, Multi-purpose Gripping Pliers.
The patented vertically-serrated jaws can bite a damaged, broken or rusted screw head with no slip! Removes screws with damaged, broken or rusted heads or stubborn fasteners in seconds - much faster than a fluted screw extractor bit and simpler than vise grip pliers.
Ideal for professionals, auto mechanics, builders, etc.
Inter-meshed side teeth even hold a very thin plate securely, no slippage!
Equipped with side cutting jaws.
Owing to T-shaped forging handles, the handle sleeve will not twist or slip off during heavy duty use. 

Made in Japan

News on the product: Japan's Top Inventions by NHK WORLD-JAPAN (Started at 18:13)

The fascinating stories and secrets behind hit Japanese products, plus parts and machines that boast the top share of niche markets- Screw removal tools that can remove stripped screws when a normal screwdriver can't.

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